Choosing the Right Glucometer for your Management of Diabetes

May 30, 2022 - Parul Saini, Webmedy Team

Updated Version - July 22, 2023

A Glucometer is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. Knowing your blood sugar level quickly and conveniently can help prevent an emergency situation.

Key Highlights in Selecting your Glucometer

  • Consider blood glucose screens with programmed coding.
  • Go for talking glucometers assuming that your vision is weakened.
  • Get the one, which shows the outcome in just five seconds.
  • Go for the one that requires a more sufficient amount of blood.

What is a Blood Glucose Meter?

Blood glucose glucometers are little, mechanized gadgets that show your blood glucose level. These gadgets are useful for individuals with diabetes.

Management of Diabetes Mellitus

Assuming you have diabetes, observing your blood glucose level furnishes you with significant data about how food, workout, drugs, stress, and different elements might influence your blood glucose. This data will assist you and your primary care physician with building a treatment plan custom-fitted to your necessities.

Having a glucometer is useful for individuals with diabetes types 1 and 2 or gestational diabetes (during pregnancy). Following your glucose levels assists you with understanding the significance of what diet and exercise mean for your glucose levels, and it additionally assists your physician with changing your individualized treatment plan.

Choosing the Right Sugar Test Machine aka Glucose Meter

Many sorts of blood glucose glucometers are accessible for at-home use. These reach from fundamental models that mainly read blood glucose levels. The expense of blood glucose glucometers and testing supplies differs, and your insurance may not necessarily give inclusion. Keep an eye on all choices before choosing a glucometer. You'll need to think about direct expenses, for example, how much the genuine glucometer costs, and long haul costs, like the cost of testing strips and different supplies.

Step by Step Guide to Pick a Glucometer

Whether this is your recent blood glucose glucometer or you're involved in one for quite some time and are searching for a redesign, there are a few queries to pose to yourself before you pick a glucometer:

  • Does your physician or medical caretaker recommend a particular glucometer?

    Your physicians have an abundance of involvement in a variety of glucometers and can direct you in the correct selection of the device.

  • What does your insurance cover?

    Your insurance agency might have a rundown of preapproved glucometers it covers. Additionally, make a point to see whether and how your insurance will take care of the expense of testing strips and different supplies.

  • Glucometer Price - How much does a Glucometer cost?

    A few glucometers can be expensive, and insurance agencies don't necessarily in every case consider pricier choices. You'll need to pay the distinction if your glucometer surpasses your organization's inclusion. Additionally, test strips are sold independently from glucometers and can be costly. Insurance agencies in some cases set a cap on the number they'll pay for in a year or strips each month.

  • How simple is it to utilize this glucometer?

    Testing methods change for each glucometer. Some require more work than others. For example, how much blood does the test strip require? Might you at any point effectively peruse the numbers on the screen?

  • What amount of time does it require to get a perusing?

    Your time is significant, and keeping in mind that a couple of moments might appear to be immaterial, that measure of time can add up while you're trying a few times each day.

  • Is the glucometer simple to keep up with?

    Is it easy to clean? Is it speedy and simple to align when you get new strips? Or on the other hand, does it require adjustment or not?

  • Might the gadget at any point store your readings?

    Following your blood glucose numbers is imperative to long haul care, so it means quite a bit to keep a record. If you're open to recording your numbers in a journal, you may just need a smoothed-out machine that takes readings yet doesn't record them. Nonetheless, assuming you realize you'll be in a hurry and struggle with monitoring your numbers, search for a glucometer that has memory choices. A few glucometers make logs that you can recover sometime in the not too distant future. Far superior, some make a downloadable record that synchronizes with your PC and can be messaged to your physician or medical caretaker. Make certain to check to assume your glucometer time and date are set up accurately.

  • Do you need any unique highlights?

    On the off chance that you realize you'll convey this glucometer with you while in a hurry, you might need a conservative choice. Then again, on the off chance that you struggle with clutching little models, you might favor a huge glucometer with strips that are simpler to utilize. Individuals with weakened vision might favor a glucometer that has a simple-to-understand screen or verbal orders and prompts.

Other Factors Critical to Selecting a Blood Glucose Meter

  • Sound ability, for individuals with vision debilitations.
  • Illuminated screens, make perusing around evening time or in low light simpler.
  • Different measures of memory stockpiling.
  • Different dealing with capacities, for example, having the strips put away in the glucometer, or having a USB glucometer.
  • Glucometers that record starch grams and insulin dosages with the glucose perusing.
  • Glucometers that can test blood ketone levels alongside blood glucose levels.

The Precision of Glucose Meter Readings

The precision of experimental outcomes relies upon various issues, including the nature of your glucometer and test strips, and how well you've been prepared to work the gadget. Here are different elements that can influence your glucose readings:

  • User procedure

    User mistake is the main justification behind blunders in glucose readings. Make certain to audit how to utilize your glucometer and work on testing your blood glucose with your physician.

  • Dirty testing site

    Food, drink, or moisturizer buildup on your hands can influence your blood glucose readings. Make certain to wash and dry your hands before you test. Assuming you utilize a liquor swab, make certain to allow the site to dry before testing and utilize the second drop of blood, not the first.

  • Climate

    Elevation, dampness, and room temperature can all influence your blood glucose readings by changing your body or the strips you use. A few glucometers accompany directions on the most proficient method to get legitimate readings specifically circumstances.

  • Inconsistent Test Strips

    Testing strips can be expensive, so you might be enticed to attempt outsider or conventional strips to set aside cash. In any case, on the off chance that your glucometer isn't intended to utilize these strips, your readings might be impacted. Be certain elective test strips are viable with your machine. Additionally, make certain to check the termination date on your strips, as obsolete strips can give erroneous outcomes.

  • Changes in Glucometers or Strips

    Producers might make changes to their machines or test strips. Outsider or nonexclusive strip makers aren't generally made mindful when this occurs. On this occasion, testing strips might become contrary to your glucometer.

  • Utilizing your Glucometer Appropriately

    To guarantee exact readings, cautiously survey the guidelines given by the maker. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)Trusted Source expects that blood glucose glucometer makers give definite guidelines in the machine's bundling. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, search for a help hotline and call the producer. It's likewise really smart to take your glucometer to your physician or medical care group and have them go over the essentials of the machine with you. While you're there, verify the way that your machine's outcomes contrast and the machine at your primary care physician's office. This will assist you with checking whether your machine is accurately aligned. Make certain to let the specialist or colleague notice you doing a test so they can affirm that you're utilizing the right methods.


There are various sorts of glucometers available to assist individuals in checking their blood glucose levels. However, choose a device that will match your needs and budget.

Helpful Information

What is a glucometer and how is it used in diabetes management?

A glucometer is a device that measures blood glucose levels, which is crucial in diabetes management. It works by analyzing a small drop of blood, usually obtained by pricking the finger. Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels helps in making decisions about food, physical activity, and medication.

What factors should I consider when choosing a glucometer?

When choosing a glucometer, consider factors like its accuracy, ease of use, speed of results, size and portability, cost of the device and testing strips, and whether it stores previous readings.

How important is the accuracy of a glucometer?

Accuracy is paramount in a glucometer. Accurate readings are vital to ensure effective management of diabetes and avoid hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Does the size of a glucometer matter?

The size of a glucometer does matter, particularly for people who often need to check their blood glucose levels while on the go. Smaller, more portable devices can be easier to carry around.

What are the ongoing costs of using a glucometer?

The ongoing costs of using a glucometer include the cost of testing strips and lancets. Some devices may require less expensive strips or fewer strips, which can reduce the overall cost.

Should I choose a glucometer that stores previous readings?

A glucometer that stores previous readings can be beneficial as it allows you and your healthcare provider to track your blood glucose levels over time. This can help in making decisions about your diabetes management plan.

What is the role of speed in choosing a glucometer?

The speed of a glucometer refers to how quickly it can provide a reading. Some devices can give results in a few seconds, which can be a significant advantage, especially for those who test their blood glucose levels several times a day.

Do I need a prescription to buy a glucometer?

Typically, you do not need a prescription to buy a glucometer. However, if you have insurance and want it to cover the cost of the device, you may need a prescription from your healthcare provider.

How important is ease of use when selecting a glucometer?

Ease of use is crucial when selecting a glucometer. A device that is easy to use can reduce the potential for errors in testing and make it less likely that you'll skip regular testing due to complexity.

Should I choose a glucometer that syncs with my smartphone?

A glucometer that syncs with a smartphone can be beneficial for many people. It allows you to easily track and share your readings over time, which can help in managing your diabetes.

Are there glucometers designed for visually impaired people?

Yes, there are glucometers designed for people with visual impairments. These devices may have features like large, easy-to-read screens, or they may provide audio readings.

Can I share a glucometer with someone else?

Sharing a glucometer is not recommended due to the risk of transmitting infections. If it must be shared, it should be thoroughly cleaned between uses, following the manufacturer's instructions.

What is a no-prick glucometer?

A no-prick glucometer, also known as a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), monitors glucose levels without the need for finger pricking. It typically involves a sensor inserted under the skin that measures glucose in the interstitial fluid.

Should I consider a glucometer's battery life?

Yes, considering a glucometer's battery life is crucial, especially for those who travel often. A device with a long battery life will require less frequent charging or battery replacements.

How does the cost of test strips influence my choice of a glucometer?

The cost of test strips can significantly influence your choice of a glucometer, as you'll need to buy them regularly. Some glucometers may use cheaper strips, or require fewer strips, reducing the ongoing cost of using the device.

What is the importance of a control solution in using a glucometer?

A control solution is used to ensure that a glucometer and its test strips are working correctly. It's a good practice to use control solution regularly, especially when you open a new batch of test strips, to ensure accurate readings.

Can a glucometer measure ketone levels?

Some glucometers can measure blood ketone levels along with glucose levels. These devices can be useful for people with type 1 diabetes who are at risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis.

What's the difference between a glucometer and a continuous glucose monitor?

While both devices measure blood glucose levels, a glucometer requires regular finger pricks to get a blood sample, and it provides a single glucose reading at a time. In contrast, a continuous glucose monitor involves a sensor inserted under the skin, providing continuous glucose readings without the need for finger pricking.

Can my healthcare provider recommend a specific glucometer?

Yes, your healthcare provider can recommend a specific glucometer based on your individual needs, their experience with different models, and the device's compatibility with your health insurance.

How can I ensure that my glucometer is giving accurate readings?

To ensure your glucometer is giving accurate readings, use a control solution regularly, store your test strips as per manufacturer's instructions, and check that the device is clean and well-maintained. If your readings seem off, contact your healthcare provider or the device's manufacturer.


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